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Some of the best things in life are the simple pleasures - the sound of waves crashing as you lay in bed, sea breezes as you sip your morning coffee, children laughing as they run on the beach.  

@kohchangholiday has a variety of beautiful accommodations here on Koh Chang that are the perfect setting for life’s simple pleasures. Whether you’re wanting a villa for your next family holiday, or a great place for a few days away with a group of friends, Koh Chang Holiday will have you covered right down to the last details - they can even arrange all your transportation and activities.   

Our villa was nestled at the far end of the development bordered by open green space to one side and the beach in front. With palms, plants, and vines, this villa is one of the most private homes in the development. Arching for 2 kms along the shores of Klong Son Bay, Chang Noi Beach was there to greet us every morning, saw us through our days, and wished good night. The sands are the colour and feel of brown sugar and are filled with the most beautiful shells. Each morning the tide moves the sea about 200 meters back from shoreline and so we began each day with beach walks. With the waters receded, you could see clearly that the bottom of the bay is nothing but lovely sand (a little peace of mind for those who do not like to share their swimming time with underwater creatures). With the bay being so shallow, the waters were warm and we were able to let our kids explore near and far. The bay is hemmed in by a peninsula to the north and hills to the south. Both are part of a national park and sure to remain jungle covered and mysterious. You’ll never have some condo development looking down on you while you stroll or swim.

At the north end of Chang Noi Beach you are able to cross the narrow peninsula. Be sure to say hello to the Lonely Tree in the Sea (it’s worth coming back to see it with the tide in and out). With just a few steps across the peninsula, you’ll step onto Pebble Beach. Stroll down the pier to watch the ferries make their sailing and chat with locals as they fish.

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Larson Peter

Wow seams to be nice place, i saw your pics on instagram...amazing. Thx for your super blog and info´s